21 December 2010

'x' is unknown number..what is 'x' ? oh alphabet ;p

'x' is unknown number..what is 'x' ? oh alphabet ;p


SELAlunya lah kan..i'd used to be quite fun and busy, there was always something going on and even though sometimes there was too much work to do, at least there was a buzz. today is another boring day and i am so bored . by da way..i'm happy.. ;) even there is nothing to do. there is nothing i can i wanna buzz ACB







oops ! i miss “U”

All of those little things - errands, forms, notes, crap - that seem to totally eat up my day. None of it is exciting and i can't quite believe that at the end of the day, you've nothing to show for it.
"What did you do today, myself? "

"sleep , surf the net , eat , tidy up my bedroom then back to the sleeping . It's so boring, I can't talk about it because I get depressed ( not about totally depressed but yeah cz i nothing to do this day ). It's the minutiae that ate my life."haha

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