15 November 2012


    Its unbelievable, its unexplained. But, Alhamdulillah, everything just went according to the plan.and yes, I'm happy, never imagined this could be so fast, never thought this will be this fast. Thanks to my Madam Juliana and Cikgu Nazuha from ILP KB to help me for my PPT .

    I will enter any private universties which can make my dream come true . Even the cost is too expensive I could die but I will try harder . Now I'm in private college for 4500 per sem . This my second private college after UNIKL 2010 . I want bright future so who knows I'll help my parent and family one day   That's what I'm aiming for. I wish life would be a whole lot easier than it is now and I hope I would start doing something good to have a bright future just like anybody else.

    Everyday is my bright day . Thanks ALLAh.I love you..syukurku padaMu .

alamak..tengahhari tadi buat this entry langsung i dint notice tulisan dalam gambar atas tu..nantilah kena tukar jadi blog baru

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assalamualaikum / salam sejahtera ! i am afisya afida.