18 May 2014

Batu Layar Beach Resort

Fairly secluded beach located quite close to Desaru, within the district of Kota Tinggi.Terima kasih sayangg..walaupun bulan ni kita x ada bajet sangat tapi dapat jugak pegi jalan-jalan . Hehe . Batu Layar Beach Resort is a nice quiet spot where you can indulge in a cosy picnic, go for a quick swim or enjoy a good game of beach volleyball. Relatively rocky in certain areas, the protruding rocks found around Batu Layar beach creates an interesting and picturesque backdrop to your holiday photo.I give 2 rating star only because no activity at night.No restaurant open at night too.But it still okay for release our tension.Pagi-pagi kedai makan dah bukak dah..nasi lemak pun sedap jugak . hehe The chalet room also was so cheapers compared other beach resort.




:) Afisya

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