21 October 2012

FEELiNg down

how i enjoy my life..
and I think i'm in comfortable condition . 
Everyday i passing to Ku Inn Workshop .
Dia kelihatan baik-baik sahaja . 
Hope one day we meet in marvelous condition :)

jom pegi makan .. nak pakai kasut ke wedges ke or maybe sandal ?

my down feeling
For the past four years,
 running has been a big part of my life...oh no..trying to happy
i'm happy
tapi cannot lied la kan dengan 

I don't get down too often, but sometimes my bad mood will persist for several days until I eventually sleep off whatever is bothering me.

 I do have a mild form of depression and I don't take drugs and it's not something I will consider doing again. My mood is more melancholy than depressed, there isn't something in particular thats bothering me but rather an overarching existential anxiety. 

 Music helps sometimes but I get tired of my music.listen a Jiwang music make my heart hurt.huhu Im at about a 4/10 right now on a happiness scale and the worst part is that I know that I have no good reason to be feeling down. Cheer me up please.

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