19 November 2012

a post a day make me happy all day

I'm at home till end of November . 

I want to learn about tailoring but my lifestyle make me cant for it . I hope one day I'll making my own baju kurung :) I love almost any thing that is fashion . I need prepare more baju kurung for my internship . Rasa bersalah nak minta duit dengan parent sebab nak beli baju  .

Tailoring I cant  because i  help my mum at her cafe and doing some homework . My day is not boring compared status on Fb 'Boringnye kat rumah'.. NO..No,,I'M not . Cuti di rumah not Kills my Free Time at home . I never have enough time at home . Cleaning house, grocery shopping, laundry...At least one meal out with friends. Walking and exercise. Reading books . to highlights here , ibu saya tak bagi saya masak . So sometimes , I cooked for my self only and light meals . I am not that bad in cooking, I can make my own sandwich..sandwich sangatt sedap sampai ada buat tempahan (angkut bakul)

I want to do part time job at KFC but my parent din allow me . Terpaksa akur because they gave me an allowance every month . I also earn money from my parent .. sgtt suka . hehe . As a deal , I want blackberry . They said okay soon . I love my parent . For handphone , I never buy my own money . I hope one day I'll give something valueable for them such vios .

I just wanna discipline my self really and improve my English..teaching in english . English hancur . sedih .

sekian sahaja karangan bahasa inggeris pada hari ini

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