7 December 2012

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,
Why am I here?
What am I doing?
And, am I important?
I ask myself these questions
Then end up answering them
With,  I don’t know.
Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.

Most of the time now days
I am lonely and confused.
I haven’t figured out
The person inside of me,
But maybe I will.
Then I can stop asking
Those questions with no answer.

My future seems to be a cloud
Just waiting for me to
Navigate my way to
The next stage of life,
But I seem to have
Lost my way and
I cannot find my way out.

I continue to ask myself questions
Like, Do I mean anything?
What am I doing wrong?
How can I make you see things my way?
These kind of questions have no answer,
And no one can answer them for me.

I cry out to you for help,
But you do not hear me.

I try to please you,
But you do not notice.
I try to tell you
What you mean to me,
But you are too busy to
Take time with me.

Please do not leave me alone,
But give me space
To find that person inside.
Let me understand that person
And then I will be able
To understand you.
Give me time to unscramble my thoughts.

This is yet a simple task,
Please do this for me.
Give me the chance to
Find myself in that big cloud,
Be patient with me
For I am still learning and growing.


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