30 January 2013


Sometimes I don't know why do I lock myself up in my room, why do I always choose to avoid reality, why do I think too much & why do I feel like something bad is bound to happen at the end of the day. 

Mata sudah mengantuk . Solat ishak belum . I feel down . Stress . pressured .

I feel rebellious, at the same time I know I'm not. I may go out a lot . 

may dream come true . 

I dont know what to do . what to think . what to write . 

kalau pasal whatsapp pretty sure bole sangat lorh ( usik usik hati yang terusik )

 I feel terribly depressed when I think about the future. Is this normal? 

Or do I have some kind of depression thing going on? I'm not keen on seeing a doctor, but I just feel sad all the time now. .time to let it go..tahun baru sudah 30 hari berlalu and I cant do nothing for my life . Frienship broken . Heart broken . I feel like so many thing just bothering me . Fuck for all this . 

  Please Ya Allah grant me patience to withstand all this .  

Ya Allah(swt), Please grant me sabr toward people who anger me. Please allow me to show kindness toward others . Please help me conquer obstacles that pop up on the road ahead. But Ya Allah(swt) , Please just help me stay on the Right Path. Amin ya rabbal alamin . 


# dreams is nothing without an action 


#tak perlu nak minder perkara lepas . Apa yang sekarang adalah hal sekarang dan sudah tiada kaitan dengan masa yang lampau . 


assalamualaikum / salam sejahtera ! i am afisya afida.