19 November 2013

Rush hour beauty

Hit the snooze button too many times? No worries – you can still look fab at work with these quick beauty savers

                                                  Invest in a good tinted moisturiser

 You get to moisturise your skin and at the same even out its tone – what’s not to like? Oh and did we mention that it’s a whole lot easier and faster to apply than foundation? Just dot on areas like your cheeks, chin and forehead, blend and you’re good to go. Make sure to get one with SPF to protect skin from the sun during the day.

Get a product that doubles up as a lipstick and blusher

 It’s everywhere – the duo-use colour stick that you can use on your lips and your cheeks for instant colour. Just blend on lips and cheeks using your fingers to cut out precious minutes from your routine. Hey, you can even slip into the office toilet to do it! A great product to have to fool everyone into thinking that you spent hours in the gym wee morning to get that gorgeous glow. 
Get instant waves

Want curly hair but don’t want to spend hours curling it? Easy – just put serum in your hair the night before, twist it into a high bun before sleeping, and wake up to instant waves the next morning! Spritz some hairspray over it and you’re on your way to work with glorious hair!

Go for bronze

No time to paint that face on? No problem – just dip your powder brush into a bronzer and sweep all over your face. It gives skin a lovely warm glow that says you’ve had enough beauty sleep the night before. Concentrate on areas like your cheekbones, tip of your nose, forehead and chin to give it a natural glow. 

Just wash the fringe

Hate how greasy your hair is but no time to shampoo? Just wash your fringe and it’ll do the trick! Wash, rinse and blow-dry your fringe (it gets dirtiest the fastest, thanks to oil and sweat on your forehead). Voila – hair that “looks” clean instantly. 

Smudge it

If you love a smoky do but have no time to layer on the eyeshadow, then you’d want to do this instead: Line eyes with a black or brown liner, take a cotton bud and run all over the liner. Instant smudge for a cool smoky do! 

Tame your mane with lotion

Frizzy hair girls, listen up – if you have no time for the straightener iron or blow-dry, Try this: The next time you’ve applied hand cream, smooth your hands down your hair to tame the flyaways. Or try baby oil to instantly smooth down hair! Works all the time.

The fastest way to dry hair
Need to blow-dry your hair, pronto? Be smart about it – blow-dry from underneath, starting from the underlayers. Blow-drying from the top means you’re eventually scooping up wet hair from underneath, making hair on top wet all over again. Waste of time. So flip your head over, dry the bottom layers first before moving on to the top

Think of the three E's

There’s no time to put on your entire make-up so here’s our advice – focus on your eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelashes. Fill in brows, line your upper lashes with a liner, and work mascara through your lashes. Add a lip balm or gloss to finish the look – and you’re on your way to work looking polished!

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