5 July 2014

Tok Bali Beach Resort Kelantan

We are HERE ,Pantai Bisikan Bayu Kelantan.I dont know why that beach is no people around.Already at my hometown Kelate . This time i not fly but using Cepat Express Bus From JB ^_^ . I feel bless .
 my elder sister , 24years old . Happy go lucky .
May Allah bless all parents in the world and grant them patience dealing with their children at this era.Time really flies.My parent grow old and i cant be beside them always.May both of you fit and healthy always ibu abah , i will always love you.Sometime i feel want to fly every weekend to see my parent face and spend time with family.

Boleh la sikit nak promote Tok Bali Aman Beach Resort ni kebetulan ada promosi berbuka sempena bulan mulia ini..Selamat Berpuasa.

#my silence is just onother word for my pain

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