21 November 2012

Lawatan Verifikasi Calon


I supposed this story should be written2 month ago . disebabkan ketidaksungguhan daku , ia telah terlebih  masa due date dua bulan yang lalu ;( tapi alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar .

Tomorrow is wednesday . Hehe Tomorrow also is my last date for Computer Technology (System) . Lepas ni aku tanam anggur sampai hujung bulan disember Sebelum menjalani latihan persijilan mengajar di Pusat Latihan Industri Di Negeri Terengganu . Postpone my beauty coursing make my heart broken . I need and Had to Vocational Training Officer first for main career in Life .. I never thought will be taken terengganu as my future . I dont want to be there . I had no choice !!

 do not doubt that i am instantaneously chirpy, random, funny and smart. i am not all disastrously a dumbass emo piece of …. im just not particularly, for lack of a better substitute, lucky in this. maybe this is not for me. maybe i am meant to be this way. am i accepting fate? yes. does that mean i wont try? no. i will try.

Life is Beautiful is all about memorable moments in my life. I share the moments that made my life wonderful. Come and say with me Life is beautiful. ;(

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