10 May 2013

"Dont judge"- Seriously?

I really do need to get this off my chest.
I really hate the phrase “dont judge”. Why? Because it is a stupid phrase that goes against every evolutionary human instinct. As human beings, it is subconsciously embedded into our brains to “judge”… Whether the topic of particular interest be people, clothes, situations, etc. NO person befriends every person they meet. NO person opens up their entire life to a complete stranger. NO person walks down a dark alley without knowing their surrounding. So how can people say “dont judge”? You use judgement on a regular basis to stay alive.

That being said, I particularly DISLIKE muslim brothers and sisters who see another muslim brother or sister doing something wrong/ haraam and fail to speak out against it or speak to them about it. I particularly get mad at those who keep their mouths shut just because they’re afraid to be disliked. This is the MOST selfish thing in the world. If you are striving towards Jannah, why in the world would you keep from helping another Muslim better themselves towards the path of Jannah, even if it means confronting them about something you KNOW is wrong? Saying “dont judge” is a stupid excuse to refuse to help someone better themselves to becoming a better muslim.


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