10 May 2013


 After I fell..I find the meaning of islam..So i have decided to start wearing NIQAB . Someday soon tho.Cant start wearing it now :( , because hereits not allowed to wear at the schools so im just waiting till im done with these stuff which is in 1year and a half.Beside my commitment and lifestyle cant go through..Sooo long to go. I really want to start it because i was wearing it for few days to try it out. I simply LOVED IT!!!
I want it more than anything, and i know i want to do it for fisibilillah (for the sake of allah) and that it will bring me close to Allah and that it will Strengthen my IMAN. :) soon in sha allah, soon.

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assalamualaikum / salam sejahtera ! i am afisya afida.